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General & Local Counsel


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Stackpole & French represents clients from Vermont, the United States, and around the world as General Counsel, handling and coordinating their affairs and interests in the State of Vermont, the Northeast Region, and across the border into Quebec.

Through our capabilities and decades of experience in corporate law, real estate, trust and estate administration, and litigation, we have developed long-term relationships with many clients who rely on us for ongoing personal legal representation.

Stackpole & French also acts as Vermont Local Counsel for individuals, businesses, and other law firms in litigation matters, corporate transactions, and business purchases. With our various office locations and our depth of competence in many areas of the law, we are able to provide knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient services to a diverse range of clients. Additionally, we can assist out-of-state counsel to obtain pro hac vice admission in Vermont State and Federal Courts.

Combining the traditional concept of personal general counsel with modern technology and communication allows us to effectively represent the interests of clients from across the globe.